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Insulation salesman 'suffering after conman warning'

Recent warnings about bogus salesman offering heating insulation are affecting reputable companies.

This is according the Southport Visitor, which notes that some door-to-door sellers are offering genuine government grants.

Since Sefton Trading Standards issued an announcement that there had been reports of conmen ripping people off in the area, many homeowners are less inclined to discuss loft and wall insulation with salesman, it was suggested.

A spokesperson for the local authority said: "We would advise all residents who want to make their homes more energy efficient to contact us or the Energy Saving Trust directly."

Those approached by salesman on their doorstep were told to ask for identification and "never feel pressured" to sign up for anything there and then.

Sefton Trading Standards recently advised individuals to call the salesman's alleged employer using the company number found in the phone book to verify who they are, rather than the number they provide.