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Loft and wall insulation 'will lower energy bills' has urged homeowners to fit their properties with energy-efficiency measures such as loft insulation following increases in gas and electricity prices.

With most of the Big Six power suppliers rolling out harsher rates ahead of the winter, the advice portal has recommended that all households take the necessary precautions to cut their fuel bills.

British Gas' recent rise will bump up the average household's energy expenditure by six per cent, adding an extra £80 onto the annual cost, while SSE's new rates - which came into effect in mid-October - are nine per cent higher.

As a result, has encouraged individuals to consider energy efficiency as a way of preventing heat loss, after it revealed that the typical home loses as much as 35 per cent of its warmth through a lack of sufficient wall insulation.

Lydia Sharples, a representative of the website, said: "Price hikes are a stark reality and it's no wonder homeowners are concerned, as the announcements come at a time when households use more energy."

She added that although consumers have no control over the rising fuel rates in the UK at present, they can make changes to minimise the effects of these increases.

According to Ms Sharples, families should be taking advantage of the Carbon Emissions Reduction Target scheme, which demands that all domestic energy suppliers with a customer base of more than 250,000 promote the uptake of low carbon energy solutions.

The government initiative will offer grants for cavity wall and loft insulation until December this year, when it is due to be replaced by the Green Deal.

Ms Sharples added: "A simple job such as insulating a loft to the correct standards will dramatically reduce energy consumption and can save you around £175 a year on energy bills."

Meanwhile, by installing cavity wall insulation, households could knock as much as £135 off their annual fuel expenditure.

Posted by Rachel Jenkins