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Loft heating insulation 'should have no gaps'

It is important to ensure there are no gaps when laying heating insulation in a loft space.

This is according to thermal imaging expert Steven Dickinson, who told the Daily Telegraph failure to seal joists and beams can lead to hot air escaping.

"The most common problems we pick up are areas of cold where roofs meet walls.

"If you are having loft insulation done make sure the insulation carries down tightly into the eaves," he advised.

Mr Dickinson explained that another "enormous" source of heat loss is behind radiators that are placed on external walls.

Installing heating insulation behind these fixtures was recommended as a great way to save a considerable amount on energy bills.

Using thermal imaging technology, it is possible to note where a home is losing warm air and from there have lagging fitted, Mr Dickinson added.

According to the National Insulation Association, 40 per cent of all heat lost in a property is through the attic and walls.