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Loft insulation 'a great way to save money'

One of the best ways to save money and reduce energy consumption is to lay thermal insulation in an attic space, it has been claimed.

A spokesperson for B&Q explained how preventing heat loss in the home helps to cut down the cost of bills.

"One of our top tips includes insulating lofts, as it is estimated that those who take the time to lay insulation will save around £145 year-on-year," it was stated.

The other benefit of thermal insulation includes reducing carbon emissions, which is a topic of key concern for the government.

It was suggested that a third of the UK's emissions come from residential properties and therefore, those who lay lagging in their loft will help to reduce their individual impact.

From October 25th to 31st, the Energy Saving Trust will be offering helpful tips and advice to homeowners on reducing power consumption as part of Energy Saving Week.