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Loft insulation 'can significantly reduce household bills'

People have been encouraged to install thermal insulation in their homes before the winter.

In an article for Jetson Green, Anne Maertens from gave advice on the best ways to prepare properties for cold weather.

She explained how laying lagging in a roof space can help to significantly reduce the amount of money spent on heating bills.

"Properly installing insulation in your attic … is one of the most cost-effective measures you can take to making your home more comfortable and affordable," the expert commented.

Ms Maertens noted that although it may mean initially paying out money, in the long term, heating insulation will make an abode more energy efficient.

Finally, having the padding fitted properly is recommended as any gaps will reduce its effectiveness.

Speaking to the San Francisco Chronicle, experts Bill and Kevin Burnett recently described how wall insulation can help to not only maintain heat in winter, but also keep a property cool in the summer.