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Loft insulation 'cost-effective way to improve home'

Individuals may want to follow in one writer's footsteps and conduct a home energy audit to see if their heating insulation is up to standard.

In an article for the Dedham Patch, Joanna Hamblin explained how she discovered her attic needed lagging after having her property assessed.

She described how the experts advised her to consider installing additional heating insulation in her loft as it is relatively cheap to fit and has a "quick payback".

It was suggested that lining a roof space can help to lower fuel bills a less warm air escapes from the building.

"Why throw out your money out the window, when efficiency, insulation and conservation just make plain sense," Ms Hamblin commented.

In conclusion, she added that investing in heating insulation requires little effort but offers large rewards.

People planning on laying lagging may want to take heed of thermal imaging expert Steven Dickinson's recent comments in the Daily Telegraph that insulation should have no gaps.