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Loft insulation 'easy and cheap way to save energy'

Installing heating insulation in a loft space is one of the best ways homeowners can increase the energy efficiency of their property.

This is according to architect and TV presenter George Clarke, who has transformed a replica of Number 1 Coronation Street into a sustainable living environment.

He unveiled the refurbished property at the Ideal Home Show at London's Earls Court, which opened on March 11th.

It is hoped the example home will help encourage others to consider taking steps to make their houses more eco-friendly.

"We've been banging on about insulation for the last 40 years, but still there's a vast majority of English houses that don't have it installed," Mr Clarke stated.

He urged individuals to invest in heating insulation as it is one of the "more affordable" and "easiest" ways to increase efficiency.

Mr Clarke added that there are 25 million homes in Britain that need renovation work in order to comply with energy saving standards.