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Loft insulation 'should feature no sagging'

When laying thermal insulation it is important to ensure there is no sagging of the material, otherwise the lagging may not be as effective.

This is according to James and Morris Carey, who described in the HeraldNet newspaper a number of home improvement tips for the winter months.

It was suggested that now is an ideal time to assess the state of loft insulation and make any adjustments if necessary.

People were encouraged to spend time in their attic checking the condition of their cellulous and fibreglass installations as they can sag and compress over time.

"Taking action now can pay big dividends in improved personal comfort and reducing damage to your home," the Careys stated.

By increasing loft insulation, homeowners can not only lower their fuel bills but also help to reduce their carbon footprint and slow climate change, according to the Energy Saving Trust.