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Manchester homes to undergo thermal insulation renovation

Homes in Manchester are to receive new solid wall insulation and heating systems in a scheme unveiled by the government.

Housing minister Grant Shapps announced that over 9,000 properties in the north-west city will be made more energy efficient by the project.

It is the largest of its kind to be introduced in the UK and it is hoped it will put in motion the green transformation of the nation's social homes.

Local businesses which may install thermal insulation will receive a £100 million boost, the government claimed, while up to 1,800 jobs will be created.

Mr Shapps said that he wants the Green Deal to "work for everyone", whether they rent or own a property.

"In 21st century Britain, no one should have to put up with draughty and cold homes," he added.

The government has also announced that up to 1,000 apprentices are set to receive funding for their training in order to create a skilled workforce to implement the Green Deal programme.