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Mexicans 'learn about solid wall insulation from Brits'

A team of delegates from Mexico travelled to the UK to learn more about energy efficiency through techniques such as heating insulation.

The Nottingham Post reports how a group made up of 18 mayors and government officials viewed solar panels and solid wall insulation during a tour of a Victorian home.

Jose Angel Hernandez Barajas, mayor of Nogales on Mexico's northern border with Arizona, explained how he was previously unsure if waste management projects used in Britain would be suitable in his home country.

"I thought because we are an economy that is very different that there are some projects that we could not implement because of the money," he said.

However, Mr Barajas admitted that due to the visit he is now "certain" Mexico can implement "99 per cent" of things carried out in the UK.

According to the Energy Saving Trust, 45 per cent of the heat that is lost in the home is through un-insulated solid walls.