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Moston Hill residents to receive loft insulation

Residents living on the Moston Hill estate in north Manchester are due to receive thermal insulation as part of a £2 million energy efficiency investment.

Around 160 homes are expected to benefit from the upgrades, following the news that Manchester City Council and ALMO Northwards Housing successfully won a government bid to cut carbon emissions.

Certain householders will be able to have their boilers replaced, while in some cases loft insulation will be topped up to reduce heat loss.

Larry Patrick, director of property services at Northwards, said the improvements are guaranteed to make the properties more secure.

"We'll make them warmer, so our tenants spend less on heating their homes, easing the burden of rising fuel costs," he added.

The association - which currently manages around 13,500 houses for the council - is expecting to complete the upgrades by March.

Manchester City Council also runs the Get Me Toasty scheme, which offers cavity wall insulation free to both property owners and those who privately rent their properties.

Councillor Jim Battle, deputy leader of the authority, noted that decent properties with good environmental credentials are already one of its main priorities, but he thinks it should also be a consideration of residents.

He continued: "Energy prices are rocketing but eco-home improvements like this should help offset the cost of living and see households save money in the future."

Northwards Housing offers homeowners various tips on how they can keep on top of their fuel bills.

In its Green Guide, it recommends draught-proofing doors and windows and using low-energy lighting where possible.

In addition, it states that individuals should take regular meter readings to ensure they are not paying more than they should be for gas and electricity, while it is also important to compare suppliers and switch to a different company if necessary.

Posted by Helen Hughes