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MP promotes government thermal insulation initiatives

A Liberal Democrat MP has released an email to local constituents reminding them of the government's schemes offering thermal insulation.

Lynne Featherstone of Hornsey and Wood Green spoke of the problems that are arising as the weather gets colder and stated at this time of the year, it is vital to keep families, older people and vulnerable consumers warm.

Indeed, a recent survey from Legal and General revealed that 4.3 million households across the nation are either in or close to fuel poverty, where they must spend more than ten per cent of their income on gas and electricity bills.

To raise awareness of energy efficiency, the politician provided recipients with an outline of the key initiatives that are being rolled out and the grants many homeowners could receive.

She pointed to the Winter Fuel Payment, which is looking to offer aid to anyone born on or before July 5th 1951, as they are eligible for between £100 and £300 - tax-free - to pay towards their heating bills.

Most of these supplements are made automatically to those who claim a state pension and customers should receive their money before Christmas.

Ms Featherstone also spoke of the Warm Front programme, which offers up to £3,500 towards the installation of heating systems or loft and cavity wall insulation, as well as draught-proofing and gas or oil heating.

The MP stated: "If your property is poorly heated or if you do not have a working central heating system, the Warm Front company will come and do the work - and the government will pay the bill directly."

Finally, the Lib Dem mentioned the Warm Homes Discount, which is operated by the government alongside major UK energy companies and offers consumers discounts of up to £130.

The payment typically arrives as a one-off saving on a person's electricity bill between October and March and is primarily geared towards those above the age of 80 or individuals claiming a disability living allowance.

Households that own pre-pay or pay-as-you-go meters can also qualify for this discount and those who are eligible will receive a notice from their power supplier informing them of how their payment will be delivered.

Posted by Paul Taylor