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New leisure centre to be built in Altrincham

A major shake-up of the leisure facilities is being planned in the borough of Trafford in Greater Manchester, with a centrepiece being a £10 million leisure centre in Altrincham. 

The move is among the options being considered as the local authority draws up plans to plough £24 million into its health and fitness facilities, the Manchester Evening news reports.

Councillors are considering the investment despite £22 million of cuts to local services. Papers reveal that the £10 million leisure centre in Altrincham could be built on top of cash injections of £2.1 million in upgrading the leisure centre in Urmston, with £4.4 million going to Sale and £6.4 million to Stretford. However, the upgrade at Urmston will be combined with the closure of the nearby George H Carnall Leisure Centre.

There will also be £1.3 million for Partington leisure centre when future homes are built there. 
Capital receipts, grants and borrowing would be used to fund the investment, with the cheaper but less favoured option being to spend £10 million repairing and maintaining the existing buildings.

The report said: "By investing £24.4 million in the modernisation and new build of leisure centres, it will increase the usage and generate significant additional income to meet the investment requirements."

In neighbouring Manchester, a pair of fitness workers are hoping to save Chorlton Leisure Centre by taking it over and reviving the facility.

Steve Eves and Jake Booth, who are members of Chorlton Community Leisure group, hope to reopen the centre, which was closed last year.

Mr Eves said: "We would like to keep it as a leisure centre as we believe that’s what the community really wants.

"We’re currently trying to find out what the start-up budget would be and we’re getting some quotes for the work needed."

The centre includes a swimming baths and the building could change ownership in a community asset transfer.