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NIA: Solid wall insulation needed in millions of British homes

There are around seven million suitable properties that have not had solid wall insulation added.

This is according to the National Insulation Association (NIA), which stated there are also six million domiciles needing cavity wall insulation and ten million lofts with insufficient thermal insulation.

Brits should therefore have these measures fitted "without delay" in order to reduce their outgoings over winter, the organisation asserted.

The Carbon Emissions Reduction Target (Cert) may be able to assist homeowners in affording these renovations, as it provides large savings to people intending to fit energy efficiency measures.

However, NIA chief executive Neil Marshall noted this scheme concludes at the end of 2012 and advised people to "act now to ensure that they do not miss out" on it.

Every inhabitant of England, Wales and Scotland can benefit from Cert, which is operated by energy suppliers and can even result in thermal insulation devices being installed for free for certain individuals.

Mr Marshall said: "More needs to be done to raise public awareness of the benefits of insulation."

He pointed out that reducing heat loss, such as by adding under floor heating insulation or drywall insulation, is something that can be done immediately, whilst other attempts to reduce outgoings on gas and electricity can take time.

The expert had previously claimed that a significant portion of Britons are still "unaware of the benefits" of having lagging installed to their property.

Loft and cavity wall insulation can cut outgoings by £310 every 12 months, Mr Marshall asserted, with this rising to £635 for properties needing solid wall insulation.

The public's knowledge of the savings made by these upgrades has to be raised through a concerted attempt from the government, energy suppliers and consumer groups, he declared.

"It remains a fact that millions of homes do not currently have adequate insulation," the expert argued.

Posted by Rachel Jenkins