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Nottingham campaign offers grants for wall insulation

A Nottingham scheme is looking to save households in The Meadows hundreds of pounds through energy-efficient upgrades such as thermal insulation.

The campaign - launched by not-for-profit organisation Nottingham Energy Partnership (NEP) - is calling for six volunteers to champion its goals by promoting the heating systems and helping individuals to apply for grants, the Nottingham Post reports.

Training on energy conservation will be provided to the helpers, who could treat the position as work experience for future employment.

Michael Howard, home and community energy officer at the NEP, said the company is looking to get people out into the community and encourage residents to take part in the initiative.

He added: "The scheme is being piloted in The Meadows but it is hoped that it will spread further. Eventually we would like to have people around the city spreading the word."

The NEP is collaborating with the Meadows Ozone Energy Services (MOZES) to bring down energy bills for local homeowners in the area.

A number of representatives from nearby bodies have welcomed the campaign, with MOZES chairman Julian Marsh stating it is opening up opportunities for people to save themselves some cash.

Furthermore, Bridge Ward councillor Mike Edwards said it is "all welcome help" and will mean the poorest consumers do not lose money, while local people will benefit from more jobs.

Although all details relating to the grants are not yet known, it has been revealed that private properties could be eligible for a 60 per cent subsidy towards wall insulation, while some homes may receive funding for a boiler replacement.

Margaret Spencer, chairman of the Old Meadows Tenant and Residents Association, observed this kind of help is useful as most buildings in the area have solid walls.

She was quoted as saying that "anything that can save a bit of money on bills is great" and "it's an encouragement for people to find work and give them skills".

This follows a recent warning from the Nottinghamshire County Council that urged homeowners to ignore cold-callers and only seek the installation of thermal insulation from trusted traders.

Posted by Helen Hughes