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Older homes 'may lack sufficient thermal insulation'

It is important to check older homes to see if they have enough thermal insulation, people have been advised.

An article featured in the Limerick Post explains how many individuals assume the lagging they have in their attic will be adequate enough to prevent heat loss.

However, the publication noted that the thickness of the thermal insulation may no longer be up to standard.

New housing features 250 mm of wadding, it was claimed, while many older homes have only 100 mm.

As a result, people were told to invest in more of the product as they could see significant benefits.

"You save on bills and save on energy burned to warm and run the property, as well as upgrading your home's market value," the paper stated.

Another suggestion was to include insulation in cavity walls.

The Energy Saving Trust notes that topping up 50 mm of insulation to the recommended 270 mm could help save 230 kg of CO2 per year.