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Older homes 'need solid wall insulation'

Improving the thermal insulation of older properties is harder than that of younger houses, an expert has said.

Residential Landlords Association policy director Richard Jones noted that solid wall insulation is often required for these structures.

Cavity wall insulation cannot be utilised as these premises were not built to enable this addition, he pointed out.

Furthermore, the expert claimed that internal devices - which may include dry lining insulation or drywall insulation - can also be effective when renovating these abodes.

Mr Jones called these houses "the pre-1980 stock" and said the "technology is not terribly advanced" when attempting to reduce these buildings' gas and electricity consumption.

Altering the exterior facade can also require planning permission, he stated.

The expert added that interior improvements can occasionally cause "a lot of disruption", as fittings such as light switches and radiators may have to be moved.

Thermal insulation in the loft space can also be difficult to fit, as there is not room in the attic in many cases, Mr Jones continued.

"All of that raises a lot of problems," he declared.

However, rising fuel bills are a growing concern amongst the British public and finding a "cheaper way to heat your home" is an increasing desire of people, Citizens Advice chief executive Gillian Guy stated.

She said there are 400 different tariffs on offer, which is causing a "lot of confusion".

The recent hike in fuel prices is also creating "serious worries for our clients", the expert continued.

Consumers can shop around to find a better or cheaper energy supplier, she pointed out.

Ms Guy recommended visiting the organisation's website for "advice and tips" on how to reduce power bills.

In the previous month, there were twice as many people visiting this webpage to seek assistance in reducing their energy costs or cutting utility bills compared to last year, the expert claimed.

Fitting loft and cavity wall insulation are some of the hints the advisory page provides.

Posted by Helen Hughes