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Police warn about insulation cold-callers

Homeowners in Lincolnshire are being warned by police about an organisation that is said to be using cold-calling methods to sell thermal insulation.

The advice follows a spate of incidents where employees of the Energy Saving Group are believed to have used the selling techniques, the Lincolnshire Echo reports.

Despite officers claiming the company is not thought to be disreputable, they wish to advise individuals that they are not a government body.

It has been suggested that confusion may arise as a result of the firm's name sounding similar to the Energy Saving Trust, which is an impartial organisation that is affiliated with the coalition.

Among the services being offered by the Energy Saving Group are heating insulation and renewable fuel products.

Those interested in learning how they can reduce energy use in the home are advised to refer to the East Lindsey District Council's Home Energy Lincolnshire Partnership scheme.

Under the initiative, people aged over 60 and receiving certain benefits will be entitled to free loft and wall insulation.