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Prince Charles presents home insulated with sheep's wool

Prince Charles has unveiled a new eco-friendly home that features innovations such as sheep's wool heating insulation.

The royal is hoping the unique property will help promote the use of recyclable materials as energy efficient solutions.

Interested parties can view the model building at the Ideal Home Show at Earls Court in London, which runs until March 27th.

The walls of the property have been created using clay blocks that hold pockets of air, while wool lagging is used to insulate the structure and prevent heat loss.

Speaking about the home, Prince Charles said: "The emphasis is on natural low-impact materials that perform well together and can be produced in this country, including clay blocks and lime-based plasters, which also reduce the risk of poor air quality."

This year marks the 103rd Ideal Home Show and the actors who play Coronation Street soap characters Ken and Tracey Barlow were present at the grand opening.