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Pub in Bargoed gets green light thanks to acoustic insulation

A large pub-restaurant in Wales has been given the go-ahead, despite concerns about noise bothering local residents.

The venue, which will also host live music events, is situated on High Street in the centre of Bargoed, in a building that used to be bank chambers. In addition to the large unit that the pub will inhabit, the building also includes nine flats that have been unoccupied for years, reports Wales Online.

Planners were originally sceptical about the project, due to potential for noise from the pub to disturb future residents of the flats. However, the application, from Mr R Sorrell of Gilfach, was discussed in April and Caerphilly Council's planning committee approved it unanimously.

The approval is subject to the condition that acoustic insulation be installed between the pub-restaurant and flats to prevent necessary disturbances.

Members of the public were also consulted about the planning permission. The 22 people living closest to the venue raised no objections and the report suggested that the council should be trying to encourage businesses to set up in empty town centre premises.

"It has considered the economic benefits of allowing the use in this town centre location will help support and regenerate the town," it said.

The report explained that the town centre location already suffers from problems associated with anti-social behaviour - but dealing with the issue in an area where there are already a number of pubs and restaurants would be a matter for the police. 

Arrangements have also been made to deal with other concerns about the new pub-restaurant. An extraction system will be installed to get rid of cooking aromas and smoke, while deliveries to the building will not be made between 9am and 5pm.

The pub-restaurant will employ seven people and be open from 8am until 12:30am Monday to Thursday. On Friday and Saturday, it will be open from 8am until 1:30am and on Sundays it will be open from 8am until 11:30pm. Live music will be played between 6pm and 12:30am.

Keeping quiet

Since the pub will be holding live music events, its main priorities for acoustic insulation will be airborne sound and acoustic sound.

According to a Mori Poll, nearly a tenth of people in the UK (9 per cent) have been affected by noise from pubs, clubs and other entertainment venues. There are two types of sounds that cause problems for this type of venue. Airborne sound is the noise we hear, direct from the source, while reflected sound is caused by sound waves bouncing off of surfaces - these become distorted and can amplify certain frequencies.

Products like Marmox SoundBoard and the Heraklith range are designed to reduce the amount of sound that travels through them - and they are particularly useful in places like flats and mixed-use developments, where sound from other properties can easily permeate the walls, floors and ceilings.

The Heraklith range of woodwool panels is especially good for protecting against reflected sound. Made from sustainably sourced timber, these panels are often found in recording studios, theatres, schools and colleges. Combination boards can also be produced, which comprise a sound-absorbing, fire resistant woodwool panel that's combined with a layer of mineral wool for reducing airborne sound.

Posted by Simon Webster.