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Report links green offices with productivity

We often hear about how investing in energy efficiency technology in the workplace can save a business significant sums of money, but new research is now suggesting there's another way it can have a positive impact.

According to a report published by the World Green Building Council (WGBC), there is "overwhelming evidence" to suggest that people who work in offices that have been designed with the environment in mind have a tendency to be more productive than those who are in not to eco-friendly surroundings.

Among the areas that are directly affected by building design features include employees' health, job performance and satisfaction in their role.

The study is also being supported by a new toolkit for businesses that allows them to measure these aspects of their workforce and link them directly back to the physical features of the office.

This could provide an interesting insight for companies that are considering how they can boost the productivity of their personnel, or are in the process of upgrading their premises and wish to know the areas that will have the biggest impact if they choose to improve them.

WGBC chief executive Jane Henley said: "Most businesses are already sitting on a treasure trove of information that may yield immediate improvement strategies for their two biggest expenses - people and buildings. 

"Understanding the relationship between the two can help businesses achieve significant competitive advantage."

As well as ensuring an office has as much natural light as possible, another measure that could also affect staff wellbeing is the implementation of wall insulation, which can help keep buildings cool on hot days and vice-versa when temperatures begin to drop.

Ultimately, the report suggests that keeping personnel comfortable in their surroundings should be a key priority for business leaders, indicating that any construction costs associated with improvements to the office could be offset by the effect it has on employee output.

Posted by Paul Taylor