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Rochdale homeowners urged to register for thermal insulation

Residents in Rochdale have been reminded they can apply for loft and cavity wall insulation as part of the nationwide Get Toasty scheme.

So far, the initiative has reported 17,000 successful installations across Greater Manchester, providing homeowners with numerous long-term benefits, Mancunian Matters reports.

According to Peter Maynard, Rochdale's strategic housing officer, the campaign has not met any of the government's targets and as a result, the funding is currently "bottomless".

He was quoted as saying: "A lot of people think that when someone is giving something away free of charge that you have to be on benefits to get it."

However, the project is open to all householders - in properties of all sizes - and a lack of public interest has pushed energy suppliers to add more freebies to the offer.

The Energy Saving Trust has predicted that families who receive cavity wall insulation could save up to £135 annually on fuel bills, while roof and loft insulation will leave them around £175 better off a year.

Posted by Helen Hughes