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Saturated walls 'may indicate need for replacement heating insulation'

It may be necessary to remove cavity wall insulation if a leak is detected through exterior walls, it has been suggested.

Writing in response to a Boston Globe reader's query, handyman Peter Hotton explained how failing to let the lagging dry out could lead to mould.

The course of action depends on the type of heating insulation used, it was noted.

Mr Hotton described how fibreglass is the easiest material to dry out, while cellulose is much harder.

"If moisture persists, you may have to open up the walls and let the insulation dry out, or remove it, let the wall dry and put in dry insulation," he stated.

Individuals were advised that signs of mould include a "telltale" smell that can indicate the fungi are growing.

Mark Nelson of North Country Weatherization Technologies ICE-BE-GONE recently stated in an article for the Fargo-Moorhead Forum that mould can be dangerous and it is important all insulation is replaced if it is detected.