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Save money with an energy audit, expert says

Performing an energy audit is one of the best ways to find out where more thermal insulation is needed in a home and how money can be saved on fuel bills, it has been claimed.

In an article for Green Building Elements, Dawn Killough said heat leaks can cost substantial amounts of cash.

She highlighted figures that showed almost half of household energy expenditure goes on heating and cooling inside spaces, followed by water heating, lighting and electrical appliances.

Ms Killough commented: "So, to get the most bang for your buck, spend your home improvement dollars increasing the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems, increasing insulation values, plugging leaks and updating to Energy Star appliances, including the water heater."

She went on to suggest checking thermal insulation levels in the attic, ceilings and walls is good practice in any audit.

US firm Direct Energy recently said cavity wall insulation can save money on heating bills every year.