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Series of events in east Lincolnshire educates informs residents about how to reduce risk of fuel poverty

A series of events in North-East Lincolnshire Council are being held to provide advice to residents about how to keep warm in the winter. The events will aim to spread the word about the benefits of energy efficiency improvements like the addition of thermal wall insulation, as well as educate people about what help is available to them.

Councillor David Watson, portfolio holder for environment, tourism and the visitor economy, said that the events would help vulnerable people who may be suffering from fuel poverty this winter.

"Older people in particular can feel especially vulnerable around this time, and it is important that we keep an eye on older relatives and neighbours to ensure that they aren't living in fuel poverty," he said.

According to the government definition, a household is considered to be fuel poor if its required fuel costs are above average or if, after paying their heating bills, they are left with a residual income below the poverty line.

Mr Watson explained that as temperatures fall in the winter, people become more at risk, and he urged residents to contact the council's Home Energy Team to learn more about what help is available.

Recently, National Energy Action launched its Warm Homes Campaign, which aims to raise awareness about the problem of fuel poverty. Last autumn, the organisation found that 93 per cent of people weren't confident that there are sufficient resources to help households that are at risk of fuel poverty.

Depending on a person's location and situation, there are a number of different programmes and grants that could provide assistance. The Affordable Warmth Scheme, for example offers help to recipients of means-tested benefits in the form of private landlord grant assistance towards heating and thermal wall insulation.

Those living in houses with solid walls, which were built before 1930, may also be eligible for financial assistance to help pay for the costs of external wall insulation.