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Seven in ten favour smart meters

More than seven in ten homeowners would be happy to have a smart meter fitted so that they can keep better track of their energy usage.

This is according to the Energy Saving Trust, whose survey of 2,000 people found 73 per cent of favour of the devices.

Smart meters work by collecting information on energy use electronically so that customers can see their bills changing in real-time.

On top of those that would welcome the meters, 45 per cent said they would like to see technology which allows them to compare their energy consumption against their neighbours.

Stephen Passmore, technical delivery manager at the Energy Saving Trust, said: "Research shows that people use less energy if they are more engaged with how much they are using, and where and how it is being used.

"This is supported by our survey, with 62 per cent of people asked stating that an understanding of how much energy they are using in monetary terms on a daily basis would encourage them to be more energy efficient."

Roll out of smart meters will begin in 2015, with the Department of Energy and Climate Change hoping to have on*e* in every UK home by 2019.

A recent survey conducted by price comparison website uSwitch found that little more than half (55 per cent) of people know what a smart meter is.

Once concern with the devices is that they may also be easy to hack, meaning that the data they translate back to the energy supplier could be corrupted.

Until a solution to this problem is found, the best way to reduce energy bills is by ensuring as little heat as possible can escape from your home and the most effective way of doing this is by installing good quality insulation.

Indeed, recently described insulation as being the "single most effective way of slashing bills."

Posted by Simon Webster