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Solid wall insulation 'cuts hundreds from fuel bills'

Solid wall insulation, in combination with thermal insulation in the loft space, can cut up to £635 from a domestic energy bill, a leading trade body has asserted.

The National Insulation Association (NIA) argued the savings realised when cavity wall insulation is fitted can be between £185 and £310 every 12 months.

"An astounding 60 per cent of heat can leak through uninsulated walls and roofs," the group claimed.

Furthermore, typical household gas and electricity consumption is now £1,293, which is almost double that of five years ago, it continued.

The NIA said: "Think smart about the coming winter."

Typically, thermal insulation renovations pay for themselves in a few years from reductions in energy bills and the group added it is currently a good time to fit these measures as the Big Six have rolled out higher tariffs.

All upgrades such as this - which can include dry lining insulation and drywall insulation - ought to be performed by a NIA member, the organisation asserted, noting these people are fully qualified.

Furthermore, they can provide recommendations on the government subsidies available for this upgrade and are bound by a "strict Code of Professional Practice", it continued.

Energy Saving Trust chief executive Philip Sellwood called the potential savings "no small amount".

They are surely enough to get members of the public to "sit up and take notice", he pointed out, adding: "There is no better time to make your home more efficient, comfortable and cost effective."

The expert called lagging "the best place to start" when trying to cut gas and electricity bills, especially due to the large number of discounts available for this renovation.

NIA chief executive Neil Marshall stated: "Home insulation is the single most effective method of saving money on domestic energy bills."

From autumn of 2012, sustainable upgrades to residential and commercial properties should be available under the Green Deal, which is a framework to enable private enterprises such as energy companies to offer green renovations to the buildings of their customers at no upfront cost.

Posted by Helen Hughes