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Spalding residents 'must apply for thermal insulation grants'

Homeowners in Spalding, Lincolnshire, could be missing out on opportunities to receive thermal insulation as part of a government scheme.

Under the Warm Front initiative, poorer households in the area may be eligible for grants towards draft-proofing, insulation and updated heating systems, fixtures that are likely to lower the cost of energy bills.

Certain families are also able to claim up to £6,000 if they use oil central heating or similar alternative technology.

Robin Exley, manager of energy advisory firm Rix Petroleum, stated millions of pounds have been left over after a lack of homeowners claimed help from the project last year.

He said if the money is not spent towards Warm Front "it may just go back to the Treasury to be used in other budgets, which means few people will have seen the benefit of the scheme".

MPs supporting the Warm Front campaign in Harrogate and Cheshire have also been reminding locals to apply for assistance while they can.

According to Mr Exley, it takes little effort for families to find out if they are suitable candidates for a grant and now colder weather is settling in, they should install thermal insulation as soon as possible.

Posted by Simon Webster