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Switching energy providers 'to take half the current time'

The UK government has revealed the time it takes to switch energy providers will be halved by the end of the year.

Energy secretary Ed Davey stated suppliers have agreed to this proposal, despite concerns about altering their IT systems.

He said: "I'm pleased the industry has responded to my challenge and will now cut in half the time it takes to switch energy supplier."

Consumers will now be able to change their provider with two-and-a-half weeks' notice, compared to the five weeks it usually takes.

However, Mr Davey is aiming to take that even further and make 24-hour changeovers possible in the future.

He added people should not wait for the changes to come into effect before switching, as doing so earlier can save them money.

The energy industry has been a huge topic of conversation in recent months after Ed Miliband, leader of the Labour party, pledged to freeze prices for 20 months if he is elected as prime minister next year.

Posted by Helen Hughes