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'Take care' when looking into wall insulation

Homeowners have been advised to take care when approaching companies for advice on cavity wall insulation (CWI) following new research.

A study carried out by Which? revealed that some assessors provide poor guidance that could lead to properties suffering from damp.

It was suggested that experts should carry out a number of important checks before deeming a building suitable for this type of heating insulation.

"For most homes, CWI is a great idea and can save you about £110 a year on your energy bills, but some properties are at risk from damp if they have CWI," the independent advice website stated.

Individuals were told that workmen should look at cracks in external walls, inspect the boiler for ventilation and safety and view the inside of the home for damp.

According to Which?, vast amounts of energy is being lost in the UK as nearly 8.3 million properties have no CWI.