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Tenth of heat is lost through flooring

Around ten per cent of your home's heat could be escaping through your floor, says a guide produced by price comparison website

Most homeowners have come to realise that fitting cavity wall and loft insulation is a great way of retaining heat and keeping bills low, but the benefits of under-floor insulation is too often overlooked.

uSwitch points out that can put down underlay under your carpets or even by a thick rug, but the most effective method is to put insulation under the floorboards.

If you have a crawlspace below your floorboards, fitting insulation is much easier because this gives access without board having to be taken up.

One thing that must be remembered when fitting under-floor insulation, though, is ventilation.

"The void (or crawlspace) below the floorboards will have ventilation grills and these should not be blocked up, as floorboards may otherwise become damp and start to rot," uSwitch explained.