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Thermal cameras to check Cambridge wall insulation

Loft and wall insulation may be checked with around Cambridge City by the Energy Saving Partnership, which will use heat-seeking cameras.

Poor levels of thermal insulation would be revealed by these devices and the organisation proposing it is now seeking endorsement from the city council.

The HeatSeekers scheme will discover the worst-performing houses and provide occupants with tailored advice suggesting government grants and potential upgrades.

Members of the public will be given a stark image of their energy inefficiency and given the opportunity to do something about it.

It could significantly cut levels of fuel poverty in the area, while assisting the local authority's climate change targets.

The executive councillor recommended introducing and promoting the scheme and working with the organisations involved.

"Cavity wall and loft insulation is recognised to be one of the best ways of improving energy efficiency in your home," Heatseekers asserted, claiming central heating bills can be cut by as much as 35 per cent as a result of these upgrades.

Posted by Rachel Jenkins