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Thermal insulation a 'cheap, worthwhile investment'

Heating insulation is one of the simplest and most effective ways to reduce energy consumption and cut household bills.

This was the advice given to Helium readers by Christyl Rivers, who offered people a number of tips on the best ways to save money around the home.

"Insulation is one of the cheapest investments you can make which pays off very well," she stated.

It was suggested by reducing the areas where heat can escape, individuals could "save tons" without having to undergo a complex installation process.

The benefits of fitting wall insulation or lagging in an attic space can also be seen in the warmer, summer months, Ms Rivers noted.

This is due to the padding keeping the inside of a property cooler when the weather outside is hot.

Research conducted by the Energy Saving Trust suggests that money spent on insulating a home is recouped within two years.