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Thermal insulation 'boosts solar heating efficiency'

Installing thermal insulation has been recommended by one expert as the best way to ensure solar heating systems work efficiently.

Senior technical manager of the Energy Saving Trust Jaryn Bradford explained that having lagging fitted should "always" be the priority when planning to install a new hot water device.

For individuals keen to heat their house using a solar-powered system, it was noted that effective insulation is the key to delivering a high performance.

"No matter how good the collector on your roof might be, if your home isn't efficient ... then you're not going to see as good a result as you could."

Solar heating systems have been found to be capable of providing as much as 60 per cent of a home's hot water if they are installed properly.

Elsewhere, the Peterborough Evening Telegraph recently reported that Cross Keys Homes association is calling on its tenants to take advantage of the opportunity to have thermal insulation improvements carried out.

Posted by Paul Taylor