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Thermal insulation 'can keep homes in good condition'

Checking thermal insulation is an important winter task, according to one property maintenance expert.

Speaking to the Suburban Detroit Michigan News, residential construction systems teacher Harry Jachym gave homeowners tips on the best ways to keep a house in good condition.

He explained that, whether staying or selling up, it is important to ensure a property is properly insulated as this can prevent heat loss.

Installing thermal insulation "will definitely help keep the cold spots out of the house", Mr Jachym noted.

It was suggested that individuals assess how much lagging they have in their roof space and consider carrying out the task of laying additional layers themselves.

The specialist told the publication attic insulation is fairly simple to fit, while wall insulation could require professional assistance.

DIY Data reminds individuals to take care not to stand on joists when laying lagging in roof space as they may not support a person's weight.