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Thermal insulation 'can keep properties cool'

Homeowners considering installing thermal insulation to help keep their properties warm this winter may be interested to hear they could also notice the benefits in summer.

Laying lagging in a roof space can keep a house cooler when outdoor temperatures heat up, Merimbula News Weekly reports.

As a result, individuals may notice that not only are their fuel bills reduced in the colder months, but also their home is a more comfortable place to be when it is hot.

"Ceiling insulation is a great way to reduce indoor temperatures by as much as ten degrees in summer," energy efficiency expert Paul Myors commented.

In addition, he stated carbon emissions would be reduced and household bills lowered.

Therefore, it was suggested that heating insulation can have year-round benefits, whether the outdoor temperatures are hot or cold.

Energy Choices estimates a cost of £500 to have a professional tradesman lay the materials, while a DIY job could be half as much.