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Thermal insulation 'important in bungalows'

People living in bungalows have been advised that thermal insulation is important in order to prevent heat loss.

The Daily Telegraph's house doctor David Snell explained that the one-storey properties could potentially lose twice the amount of heat as a house due to their extensive roof.

He stated that most of a home's warmth is dispersed through the roof and therefore it is particularly vital to install thermal insulation.

Mr Snell also suggested opting for an alternative to traditional radiators as a source of heat.

"Under floor heating is often the best system, particularly with vaulted ceilings, as there are no down drafts or convections, no cold spots - simply an ambient warmth emanating from the floor," he commented.

The expert is the author of Building Your Home and has a wealth of experience when it comes to buying and renovating properties, having moved house 35 times in his life.