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Thermal insulation included in £10m Manchester eco drive

Thermal insulation is set to be included as part of a new drive to improve the green credentials of homes across Greater Manchester.

Cladding materials, new boilers, solar energy instalments and a range of other heating devices are due to be provided in the area, according to the Northwest Regional Development Agency (NWDA).

Funded through European investment - as well as money offered by utilities companies and private sector contributors - the initiative could help homeowners to save up to £20 million on their energy bills.

David Malpass, director of the European Programme, said: "It is hoped that this new scheme will provide a step-change that will kick-start the low-carbon environmental goods and services sector in the north-west."

Last month, the NWDA revealed in a survey that the region is on target to provide 30 per cent of its power through renewable energy sources within the next ten years.