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Thermal insulation 'is a tea cosy for the home'

Effective thermal insulation is like putting a tea cosy over a property, it has been suggested.

Chayley Collis, marketing manager at the Green Building Store, explains that the thermal envelope of the structure can be improved in a number of ways.

These contribute in part towards the Passivhaus standard, developed in Germany, which aims to improve the energy efficiency of homes.

It includes thermal insulation inside the domicile, which should be installed thoroughly and to a very high standard.

Air-tightness, complemented by mechanical ventilation systems that do not allow heat to escape, add to the benefits.

Meanwhile, structures like stud walls can be built with staggered struts, reducing the transmission of thermal energy through them and further retaining heat.

"It's all a sort of mindset really; it is a way of approaching energy bills," the spokesperson says, pointing out that the standard can be retrofitted into existing homes as well as being used in the construction of new domiciles.