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Thermal insulation 'keeps heat inside the home'

Installing thermal insulation between the living space and the attic is one of the best ways to keep heat inside a home, it has been claimed.

In an article for the GateHouse News Service, Philip Schmidt revealed this type of energy efficiency measure slows the rate of heat transfer through the ceiling, retaining warmth as a result.

Similarly, thermal insulation in the floor above an unheated cellar creates a "thermal barrier" to protect the house from the cooler air below it, Mr Schmidt stated.

The carpenter and home improvement writer went on to suggest sealing all electrical outlets, switch boxes, plumbing pipes and wall frames as other efficient ways to retain warm air.

"An inexpensive (often subsidised ) professional test for air leaks, insulation levels and other thermal performance factors is the best way to learn where the cold is getting into your house," he added.

This follows advice from Dawn Killough, who wrote in Green Building Elements that an energy audit is a cost-effective way of finding out where heat is being lost in a building and how to prevent it.