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Thermal insulation plans 'need to be well researched'

Ahead of the launch of the Green Deal in 2012, it is important all the information regarding strategies and technologies for refurbishing homes is collated.

This is according to Kevin McCloud of Channel 4's Grand Designs, who explained the challenge of retrofitting Britain's housing stock with features such as thermal insulation needs to be carefully planned for.

"We don't want to be revisiting houses that we insulate in the next five or ten years in another 20 [years] because that only adds to the carbon burden," he explained.

Instead, Mr McCloud stressed the significance of using the "golden window" of the following two years to carry out adequate research ready for the scheme's launch.

The expert explained there are thousands of different properties across the UK and consequently, retrofitting plans will need to be adaptable. recently reported that in the last three years, 80 per cent of homeowners have failed to improve the thermal insulation in their properties.