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Thermal insulation 'reduces heat loss by 25%'

To prevent heat loss in the home, people have been advised to install thermal insulation in their attic. reports how housing improvement expert Paul Hendy told The Hour there are a number of key ways to trap warmth in a property during the colder months.

He described how reducing the amount of heat escaping from a home can significantly lower the cost of energy bills and one of the most important areas to consider is the roof.

"A quarter of all our heating costs are lost through the attic so the more insulation, the better. Make sure the heat stays in the house and doesn't escape through the roof," he stated.

Other fixtures that can contribute to heat loss are windows and doors, which should be covered by curtains and draught excluders to prevent cold air entering the property, Mr Hendy noted.

The Energy Saving Trust estimates that if everyone in the UK fitted 270 mm of loft insulation, £520 million could be saved each year.