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Under floor heating 'a luxurious solution'

Installing under floor heating in a property can be a convenient and cost-effective way to make a home feel more luxurious.

This is according to Ambient Floor Heating Solutions, which noted having such a system installed in a home can save up to 15 per cent a year on energy bills for houses with a standard boiler, or 40 per cent for those with a condensed water heater.

It can also be an attractive selling point when the time comes to sell up, the organisation noted.

As well as the financial benefits, the added luxury that under floor heating can provide should not be underestimated, especially in winter.

"With just one flip of a switch, your under floor heating quickly warms your room before you have to get out of bed - making getting up a much more bearable experience," the group noted.

Recently, the benefits of under floor heating were also extolled by a spokesman for flooring supplier QEP Vitrex, who said that it could make walking barefoot on wooden or tiled floors much more comfortable.