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Under floor heating 'more efficient than radiators'

Installing under floor heating is a more energy-efficient way to warm a home, it has been claimed.

In an interview with Get Hampshire, Restoration Man's George Clarke gave property owners advice on the best ways to make a home green.

Compared with traditional radiators, under floor heating distributes heat more evenly and, as a result, can be "more cost effective".

"You will find the heating is on for longer, but because you're covering more surface area, it allows you to run your thermostat at a lower temperature," he stated.

Mr Clarke also recommended investing in wall insulation and lagging for the loft space.

It was suggested that people can save a considerable amount on their energy bills if they prevent heat from escaping through un-insulated areas.

Restoration Man airs on Channel 4 and follows Clarke as he attempts to renovate neglected historic homes and buildings across the UK to their former glory.