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Under floor heating 'offers real comfort'

Under floor heating offers a "real comfort factor" in homes, it has been claimed.

A spokesman for flooring and tiling tool supplier QEP Vitrex said people who install the system can keep their bare feet warm on wooden or tiled floors, even when they have no footwear on.

"Unless you have got slippers or shoes on, nobody wants to walk on cold tiles or cold wood. That is a real incentive - it is comfort," he explained.

The spokesman went on to say that the market for under floor heating is growing rapidly, especially as more and more homeowners are making improvements to their dwelling.

Energy efficient solutions such as this are also seen as a positive factor in the housing market, making properties more attractive to potential buyers, he added.

A recent article on Dagenham's AboutMyArea suggested homeonwers should think about adding under floor heating to the bathroom when embarking on renovation plans.