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Under floor insulation 'can prevent heat loss'

Installing thermal insulation under the floor can be a good way to prevent heat loss, it has been claimed.

Todd Roe, of Bloedorn Lumber Company in the US, told the North Platte Telegraph that people often overlook this home improvement.

The expert recommended individuals take the time to investigate the space between their flooring and the foundation of the property.

He said: "No one insulates in that unknown break. Especially in a lot of older homes, there can be a ten to 12-inch gap."

It was suggested by fitting thermal insulation in the area it could help to seal off draughts and stop the home's warmth from escaping.

In turn, this may reduce energy consumption and the cost of bills as more heat is being retained in the property.

Julian Troake, energy surveyor and spokesperson for the Home Heat Helpline, recently encouraged people to act now rather than wait to install thermal insulation in the colder months.