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Wall insulation 'can save people hundreds of pounds'

People have been advised that installing solid wall insulation could help them to significantly reduce their household bills.

Commenting on the national Energy Saving Week, Which? gave homeowners a number of tips on how to make their properties greener while reducing their expenses around the home.

The consumer body described how thermal insulation placed in a loft space is a simple way to "shave hundreds of pounds" off energy bills.

Equally, it was stated: "Installing cavity wall insulation and solid wall insulation will also help your home retain heat and save you money."

It is believed the amount of heat lost through walls and roofs each year is enough to warm 1.6 million properties for 12 months.

Referring to figures produced by the Energy Saving Trust (EST), the organisation noted people could save £145 annually by laying lagging in an attic.

Energy Saving Week runs from October 25th until October 29th with each day representing a different theme.

Today's (October 26th) topic is home insulation.