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Wall insulation "crucial" home improvement

Investing in cavity wall insulation has been described by one expert as an essential home enhancement.

Andrew Leech, director at the National Home Improvement Council, explained how it is vital that people consider ways to make their property more energy efficient.

He claimed that while renovations to bathrooms, kitchens and heating systems can be a good way to upgrade a home, it is more important to look at wall and loft insulation.

It was suggested that having lagging fitted in an attic space or between wall cavities, is "the most crucial thing to be doing these days" in order to reduce energy waste.

However, Mr Leech stated that whether individuals look to refurbish their property could be down to the results of the forthcoming Budget.

The specialist noted that if George Osborne "sticks some rather nasty things on" then many homeowners may not be able to afford to make improvements.

In comparison, Trades Supermarket recently suggested that the number of home alterations is set to increase as more people stay in their current properties.