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Wall insulation 'helps home become green'

An eco-friendly house featuring innovations such as solar panelling and heating insulation is set to be opened to the public.

Janet Alty is believed to own the greenest home in Leamington after spending thousands of pounds on installing energy efficient technology, the local Observer reports.

She described how the property's transformation began in 1965 when she installed two inches of insulation in her loft space instead of the recommended one.

Her late husband Christopher then began focusing on other ways to make the home greener and decided to fit solar panels, but sadly died before the project was complete.

Ms Alty said: "As time moved on I was determined to put Christopher’s ideas and principles into practice."

Now the property, which will be open from 17:00 to 19:00 this evening (March 31st), features wall insulation, a small wind turbine, a solar water heater and solar electric panels.

The current recommended depth of roof heating insulation, as noted by the Energy Saving Trust is 270mm.