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Warm Homes 'needs focus' for heating insulation upgrades

There should be a better focus in the Warm Homes Discount so vulnerable groups receive thermal insulation upgrades, an expert has said.

Consumer Focus energy expert Jonathan Stearn commented during a BBC Money Box podcast that there is currently a "fuzz", wherein some demographics are given funding for energy efficient renovations and others miss out.

"If there is no money left, they wouldn't get it", he declared.

This government scheme offers people on qualifying benefits the opportunity to receive financial assistance for heating insulation, cavity wall insulation or lagging in the loft.

Furthermore, energy advice will also be provided and an entitlement check can also be performed.

British Gas confirmed it will provide a £120 payment to all eligible customers, with managing director for energy at the utility company Ian Peters stating during the podcast he has "every confidence" all those who apply before the end of January will receive the payment.

Posted by Helen Hughes